DeskShare IP Camera Viewer Review

DeskShare IP Camera Viewer Review

A deskshare IP camera viewer is a powerful tool to view video from your IP camera. You can use this application to monitor multiple cameras at the same time. Its features include Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) support, which allows you to control your IP camera. It also supports optical and digital zoom. Its PTZ support allows you to save camera settings and transfer them to other PCs easily.

Supports up to four cameras at once

The Deskshare IP camera viewer is a great security camera software program that allows you to monitor up to four IP cameras at once. It has great features and supports up to 2200 different camera models. It also has easy to use navigation and an attractive interface. It can handle video signals from up to four cameras and supports pan, tilt, and zoom.

IP cameras with RTSP support are the best to use with this software. They can be displayed on several screens or monitors simultaneously. It also allows you to manage the video properties, such as frame rate, resolution, and pan and zoom. When viewing multiple video feeds simultaneously, you can also preview them with a click of the mouse.

Supports digital and optical zoom

The Deskshare IP camera viewer is a powerful tool to manage multiple IP cameras and view live video feed. It supports over two-dozen IP camera models, digital and optical zoom, and the ability to save individual settings for each camera. The viewer allows you to connect up to four IP cameras at a time and has an intuitive user interface. It also supports multiple monitors, so you can view different IP cameras simultaneously. The program also includes a backup feature, so you can continue monitoring a camera even if your internet connection goes down.

The Deskshare IP camera viewer also supports digital zoom and PTZ (pan and tilt). With this function, you can manipulate a PTZ enabled network camera and view its images on multiple screens. It is also possible to record videos and take screenshots. The camera’s settings are also backed up so that you can easily transfer them to other PCs.

Performance deskshare ip camera viewer

Deskshare IP camera viewer is an easy-to-use tool that supports up to four IP cameras at a time. It has advanced features such as auto-reconnecting if the connection drops. It is compatible with Windows 10 and more than two dozen different IP camera models. It supports audio and video streams from IP cameras, supports multiple cameras at a time, and supports many languages. The user interface is easy to use and offers a variety of customization options.

Deskshare IP camera viewer supports different types of cameras, including analog and digital. You can view the live feed of multiple IP cameras and save their settings to different PCs. This software allows you to view multiple cameras simultaneously and support optical and digital zoom. You can also save camera settings for easy reinstalling and viewing on other computers. Analog cameras send video signals via wires, while digital IP cameras send video data wirelessly. Moreover, digital IP cameras are more reliable and secure than analog cameras.


The DeskShare IP Camera Viewer is a software package that allows you to view live video from IP and USB cameras. You can connect as many cameras as you want to the viewer, and view them from anywhere at any time. It is easy to set up and only takes a few minutes to install. It also supports over 2200 different camera models.

This software has a number of features, including facial recognition, recording, and saving videos. The software works on Mac and Windows and is free to download. This program is updated regularly with new features.

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