Disposable Camera Developing in Chicago

If you are looking for a place to get disposable camera developing in Chicago, you have many options. These include Walgreens, Central Camera, and V Lab. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can also try CVS. Depending on the type of film you have, you can typically get your photos back in 7 to 10 days.

Disposable Camera Developing in Chicago

CSW Film Systems

CSW Film Systems is a leading Chicago-area lab offering a variety of photo services. Whether you’re working with a digital camera or a traditional film camera, you’ll find the services you need at affordable prices. They process C-41 color film and E-6 slide film. Black-and-white film is sent to a different lab for developing. The company is one of the fastest and cheapest developing labs in the area.

This Chicago-based film photography lab is open to photographers of all levels and offers the highest quality film processing and printing. Its staff of professional photographers works daily to ensure the quality of your pictures. The lab also has a Facebook page and an Instagram page.

Central Camera

Central Camera is a family-owned camera shop that has been selling film, equipment, and hard-to-find items since 1899. They offer a variety of services and prices to meet the needs of all kinds of photographers. The store is located at 1555 South Clark Street. The staff is friendly and helpful, and you can count on quality service and a fair price.

Disposable Camera Developing

The photo center’s history is impressive; they opened in 1899 and have served the Chicago area’s photography community for over 100 years. Currently, Central Camera develops film for 35mm and 120 medium format cameras, as well as C-41 color and black and white films. In addition, they also develop slide film and E-6 film. Processing is usually done within 7 to 14 days, depending on the film type.

Walgreens Disposable Camera Developing

Walgreens is a great place to take your disposable camera film for developing. Depending on the type of film you have, this can take anywhere from three to five business days. The cost of developing your film at Walgreens is usually around $5.99 per roll and will give you digital images in return. Unlike some other locations, Walgreens will dispose of the original film. You should also consider how many exposures you have on a roll of film when choosing a store to develop your film.

Film development is an age-old tradition that has been declining in popularity in recent years, despite the high quality of digital photography. Despite this trend, many people still prefer using film to take their photos. Walgreens has a photo lab at most of their stores, and they develop 35mm and 110 film, as well as APS (Advanced Photo System) and disposable cameras.


CVS offers a variety of photo services, including film development. They process all types of film, including 35mm, disposable cameras, and Advanced Photo System (APS) film. They also process black and white film, slide film, and old negatives. Prints can usually be picked up within seven to ten days.

Most drugstores and grocery stores offer disposable camera film processing, but you’ll often find that the quality isn’t that great. You’ll get a much better price for your film at a commercial lab. Besides offering film development, these stores also sell photo supplies and used film cameras. They also offer darkroom classes. J&S Photo Service is another option in Chicago, where they process 120mm and 35mm film. The company also offers a specialized service for developing color reversal film.

Another option is to mail your camera to CVS. Several online photo processing companies allow you to mail your disposable camera for processing. Some offer a free drop-off service, while others charge a small fee. When the processing is complete, most orders are shipped out within one to three business days. Afterward, your photos will be uploaded as digital files. If you want, you can also opt for enhanced or super scans of the photos.

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